Executive Recruiting / Peak Performance Coaching
Team Building / Conflict Management

We have 25 years experience as a catalyst for change in both corporate and non-profit worlds. We help Senior management and their organizations achieve their economical potential by developing and recruiting "Rain Makers",and those who create new products and service. We specialize in people at the far end of the bell curve; the exceptionally brilliant and the exceptionally talented people with the unusually developed skill of the "border crosser". "Border crossers" are people who have the psychological and cultural flexibility to thrive in multiple situations whether those be countries or disciplines. (click on blue highlights for more information.)
  • Recruiting for Biotechnology, medicine and art institutions;20 years in financial
    services (Wall Street & The City of London).
  • Peak Performance Coaching shows the individual how and under what
    conditions one achieves ones greatest success in such a way that success can
    be replicated in many different scenarios.
  • Team Building is achieved by planning the role assignments appropriate to the
    designated strengths of its individual members and practicing organized team
    behavior. Conflict Management is achieved through individual consultation
    coupled with group remodeling using pragmatic psychotherapeutic techniques.
  • Transitional Psychotherapy: Major life upheavals like death, divorce,
    catastrophic illness, job loss can contribute significant disruption to ones life
    and career. We have various psychotherapeutic techniques to help one benefit
    by the crisis.

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